Our Mission & Values

We are a full service wood shop and maker space dedicated to providing a facility that can meet both the needs of our clients and our makers. For our clients we offer many woodworking services. These services span from lumber sales and milling service to fully commissioned furniture pieces and everything in between. For makers we are dedicated to providing a space that will allow you to create to the best of your ability and expand your operations. Our goal is to make a space where we can match our clients needs with our makers to provide the very best hand crafted items that we can. 


Meet Our Makers

Josh Fidler
Bear MTN Woodworks

With a life long interest in furniture making and wood arts Josh started getting serious about this craft 2 years ago as a release from the daily stresses of his kitchen Job as a chef. This quickly snowballed into an obsession that has landed him here at the Joinery. Simple, Clean and functional design is what inspires his works. 

David Bortner
Keystone Furniture & Tool

Growing up on a working farm and making shaker style furniture with my dad, I always loved making things with my hands.  After 25 years in the restaurant business as a chef, I decided to get back into woodworking to break the stress of the kitchen.  The simple act of crafting raw materials into thoughtful designs is what continues to drive me.